Bible studies so custom you’ll think you wrote them.

From sermon-based group studies to short-term topical studies, we’ll create exactly what you need and keep your staff free to focus on what’s most important: ministry.

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Our Team Becomes Your Team

Like an extension of your staff, we get to know your needs, challenges, and goals — even the learning styles of your people!


Trustworthy content
is created just for you

Sermon-based to special topics, we build fully-custom studies that understand your community, values, and ministry goals.


Studies are delivered *

Our studies bear your name, logo, series title, and language that best resonates with your people. Your church will think you wrote it, and that’s the way we want it.

*It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Discipleship in Context is more than a delivered product—it’s a relationship. We maintain conversation with your team to learn how the studies are working and what changes you’d like to see incorporated. We then tweak the studies as needed, and maintain communication until you need something new.

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What Churches Are Saying

  • Discipleship in Context is essential to leading and developing disciples today. Because of LifeWay’s custom curriculum, we have been able to bring our greater plan of discipleship into a sharper focus and become much more intentional as we believe our Lifegroups (Sunday School) are a main element of developing disciples for us.

    Bryan Faus, Minister to Adults and Families Chets Creek Church

    Testimony #6
  • Discipleship in Context has been a great resource in helping us move forward with our ministry strategy. Before working with them, it was always hard to balance the amount of time given to leadership development and pastoral counseling, versus the time given writing content that connected our primary two structures — weekend services and small groups. The Discipleship in Context team has been amazing to work with in our efforts to offload content creation to a trusted source. We now have more time for relational ministry without sacrificing the ability to provide a unified discipleship experience for our adults.

    Ben Coleman, Adult Ministries Pastor East Bayou Baptist Church

    Testimony #7
  • As our church has embarked on a new emphasis to encourage our folks to get into God’s Word like never before, it has been a huge blessing to work with LifeWay’s Discipleship in Context. The ability to get resources that are not just good, but perfectly tailored to your church’s vision, your church’s culture, your church’s vernacular is amazingly helpful.

    Chris Havard, Grow Pastor The Heights Church

    Testimony #5
  • The Discipleship in Context team has proven to be a responsive and reliable ministry partner, allowing us to develop and deliver top quality, customized, small group curriculum year round.

    Derek Hazlet, Adult Pastor Long Hollow Baptist Church

    Testimony #4
  • Discipleship in Context has been a Godsend for our pastoral staff. Since using Discipleship in Context we have freed up time during the week that we had used for editing, developing notes and creating questions to now focus on reaching more people and developing leaders.

    Hal Stewart, Education Pastor Brainerd Baptist Church

    Testimony #3
  • I’ve been blown away at how committed to knowing and understanding our unique culture they are so that each study looks, sounds and feels like Cross Point. The content is great… biblically faithful and engaging for conversation and thought. If you serve in a church where your groups are using the pastor’s message as a spring board for community group discussion and want to take that material to the next level, I want to strongly encourage you to check out Discipleship in Context.

    Pete Wilson, Senior Pastor Cross Point Church

    Testimony #2
  • I sat down with the team, and laid out the whole series for him. I told them conceptually where the series was going, where each individual week would go, Scriptures that our team was wrestling through, and the general flow (introduction questions, sermon recap, application questions) we were looking for. They produced exactly what we were looking for. They hit it perfectly on the head.

    We were thrilled with the product we got from the team. Absolutely thrilled. And I guarantee you we’ll use them in the future to help us craft the content for our groups and the alignment series we launch.

    Ben Reed, Small Groups Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church

    Testimony #1

What Churches Are Saying

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